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…I treat others

Tonight I had the opportunity to give someone a Reiki treatment.  This individual was suffering from cold symptoms focused primarily at the head region.  More specifically, scratchy throat, runny nose, and congested nasal passages.

So with this individual, I began placing both hands above the face.  The nose separated my left and right hands and my palms were above the eyes and brow line, while the fingers were over the cheek bones.

In my hands, I felt heat, and this heat slightly warmed the rest of my body.  I could feel my head and neck warm up, too.  Within my body, I focused on feeling what my gut, or solar plexus felt.  I know when I need to move to a different position through paying attention to how I feel in my solar plexus.  It may be different for others, but for me, sometimes when I move my hands to a different position, I feel something equivalent to nervous butterflies in my stomach.  For me, this is my sign that it is not time to move away from this position.  I remain at that location until I feel less of these butterflies.

Since I knew I was to focus on this individual’s head region, my next hand placement combined the Usui hand placements with my knowledge of the skull structure.  I placed my fingertips on the face above the sinus openings of the skull.  I do not apply any extra pressure with my fingertips to the individual’s face.

Other hand positions I used were; hands parallel to and above the brow line, on the left and right temporal lobe regions of the skull (above the ears), the left and right ears themselves, and below the mandible (your throat) on the left and right sides.

By focusing on these regions, I hope to have alleviated the symptomatic areas of the congested and runny nose, and scratchy throat.  This treatment was very short and only lasted about 15-20 minutes, but a short time is better than none.  I will hear in a few days how this treatment worked.


…I’ll share a few websites

Some of my blog readers may not be familiar with Reiki.  So here are a few links to answer some of the Frequently Asked Questions.

For FAQ’s click on this link –

For an overview of Reiki, click on this link –

…I want to explain

Welcome to my new blog site, As a Reiki Master, and thank you for viewing.  I have decided to create this blog because I feel that there is not enough information for beginning Reiki practitioners.  I want to explain my experiences as a Reiki Master because when I was a first and second-degree practitioner, I was uncertain of the sensations and feelings I was experiencing.  So, if you are a beginning Reiki practitioner, be patient, ask questions, and listen to yourself.  Keep returning to this site because I cannot wait to share these enlightening and amazing stories.

Love and Positive Energy,


…on Christmas

This morning I decided to create my first post on this blogsite.  I created this site a few weeks ago, but haven’t started between work, my other job, Scrapbook Stories, and planning Christmas.

So, my first post is similar to a post I sent to my friends and family on Christmas Eve;

Can you think of 5 things you were blessed with….today? Do this everyday and you’ll realize the little things that make your day better. My five? Hmmmmm; 1) filling my house with family, 2) the ability to provide a meal for them, 2) down time with my husband, 3) talking with my mom and dad because we won’t be seeing them on Christmas, 4) time with great friends Beau and Oly, and 5) a great husband who took care of the cooking while I anxiously finished a scrapbook gift. Oh wait, that’s six…nice!!!

The concept of counting at least 5 blessings you had per day is something that I learned several years ago from a massage/Reiki practioner at Bellingham Body Works in Bellingham, Washington.  What I learned and frequently practice is, before you go to sleep every night, write down or think about 5 blessings that occurred during your day…even the little things.  For example, a great conversation you had with a co-worker that you hadn’t had before, or a great brew of coffee that was perfectly strong and sweet, or the satisfaction of knowing you took time for yourself to think about those 5 things.

Give it a try and see how more productive and happy you are about your life.  Your life is better than you thought it was…it always was- you just weren’t recognizing it.  Thank you for taking time to read my post.

Love and Positive Energy on this Christmas Day,


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