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…I relieved MS pain

I have been treating others with Reiki for over three years, and I recently had the blessed opportunity to treat a woman with Multiple Sclerosis (MS.)

For those who do not fully understand what MS is; it is a disease of the nervous system.  The myelin sheath is damaged, and the conduction of messages from the brain to the organs in your body are effected.  Here’s an example, think of an electrical extension cord.  You know the plastic that covers the actual wiring?….well, the plastic covering is the myelin sheath and the actual wires are exposed.  If the wires are exposed, then misfirings can occur, and the message that is sent may or may not get to the destination.

The MS treatment was split between myself and one other practitioner.  At the beginning of this treatment, I began at the feet to ground the receiver.  However after less than one minute, I could feel and see the receiver begin to breath deeply, but hesitatingly doing so.  I could see the reciever’s face cringe up because either the individual was holding back emotions and didn’t want to let it go in front of strangers or because it was too painful.  Either way, the receiver let it go.

At this very moment, I knew that I needed to move closer to the receiver’s solar plexus, because this is where control issues reside.  I wanted to help the receiver feel comfortable during the Reiki treatment.  I moved from the feet to the solar plexus and got a message that I needed to use my Power symbol (received as a Second degree practitioner.)  So, I quickly drew a symbol over the receiver’s body.  All of a sudden, I felt an enormous feeling of energy.  This was so intense that I actually teared up- it was so powerfully emotional.

I had never felt energy as emotional or intense as I did that day.  I am so grateful that I was able to provide healing and stress relief to a person suffering from such an ailing disease.

Thank you……


…I don’t always buzz

There’s a term that I have come to know as a Reiki practitioner- the word “buzz”.  When you receive Reiki, there is a feeling of “buzzing” caused by your sensitivity to the vibrational energy that comes with clearing your auras.  It is an amazing feeling that brings me happiness and gratefulness to the world.  Usually you feel this when you receive a Reiki treatment, or when you are attuned to any level of Reiki.  Today, when I gave myself Reiki, I didn’t feel this vibrational energy until maybe, just maybe, the end of my treatment.

When you give yourself Reiki and do not get the same feeling you felt when you were first given Reiki, do not worry.  You know that Reiki is there, and it is always working with you; whether you physically feel it or not.

The reason you are not feeling as you did when you first received a treatment is because at the first time of Reiki healing, there was a lot of energy blockages Reiki was working with.  Now, after however long it has been, Reiki has an easier channel to travel through.  And your auras are more clear than they were the first time.

Again, Do not Worry.       ~Christine

…I relieved pinched nerves

Image from

Last weekend I had the opportunity to treat someone who had several physical symptoms of discomfort; insomnia, liver problems, and pinched nerves.  For those who are practitioners, before you begin a session with a client be sure to ask if there are particular locations of pain or discomfort.  Although Reiki provides energy to various auric levels, many people (especially those who are new to Reiki) focus on the physical level because that is the level in which we feel discomfort.

With this client, I began to ground at the feet.  After about five minutes, I moved to the area the client mentioned had discomfort- the liver.  Placing my hands on the client, I could feel my hands tingle.  To me, this meant that energy was not balanced in the liver.  This is understandable because the liver is connected to sleep problems when you consider traditional chinese medicine.

I stayed in this position for the rest of the session, except for the last minute of the treatment where I moved back to the feet to ground the client again.

Afterward, the client forgot to mention that there were also pinched nerve problems.  When the client realized this and re-assessed the nerve pain, the pain was not there anymore.  Thank you, Reiki.  And by the way, I’m sure there was a full night sleep, too.


…I too experience stress

My work week was only four days long, but that meant that there was more work to do with less days to do it in.   Moreover, a project that was recently discovered and took somewhat high priority needed to be finished.  This meant that I came in early, worked more hours, and without lunch.  I did this not because my employer made me, but because that is the type of worker I am.  I am Vata dosha (, which means that I like to be busy and work on projects for hours on end without stopping.  And although this type of work is great because it is prompt with quality and perfection, it means that I become imbalanced because I skip lunches, drink too much coffee, do not drink enough water, and do not take breaks.  I am aware of this imbalance all the while I work, so I don’t hit the extreme—although to some, this is their extreme.

The stress that my body experienced I did to myself, but fortunately I am a Reiki Master.  I came home Friday night knowing that I wanted to relax- watch a movie, dress in comfy clothes; but first…..give myself Reiki.

Temporal lobes position - Image from

Occipital lobe position - Image from

For quick treatments, I focus on three main hand positions; head, heart, and solar plexus.  For this quick session, my head was going round and round with work, so 3/4 of the time was focused on several positions on my head.  Both my left and right hands were placed in position 1, above my eyes, but after a few minutes the busyness did not lessen.

So I moved my hands to position 2, above my temporal lobes (temples).  (See pictures for placement.)  At this position, I felt so much pressure release from my head, and it felt like my body was sinking into the couch I was lying on.

After the pressure became less, I moved my hands to cover my ears; then lastly, position 3, over my occipital lobe (base of the skull.)  (See pictures for placement.)

I didn’t have enough time to give myself a full treatment, but even 20 minutes of Reiki left me feeling floaty and light.  I felt more relaxed than a movie, glass of wine, or massage would have given me.  Look into finding a way to give yourself Reiki.  ~Thank you, Reiki, Sally & Mikao Usui

…I relieve pain

Yesterday I had the opportunity to treat a woman who just got a cast taken off of her wrist.  She came to the session in a lot of pain and was wincing when she moved her arm.  I began the session by first grounding her at her feet, then proceeded to work on her arm.  I placed one hand on her shoulder, and my other hand above her aching wrist.  During the few minutes at this position, I felt my hands tingle–actually, there was more tingling in the hand that was above her wrist than the hand placed on her shoulder.  This uneven tingling led me to realize that both of my hands needed to be placed over her wrist; so that is where I moved my hands.  I stayed at that position for the rest of the treatment, aside from moving back to her feet to ground her during the last minute of the session.  When she was done, I asked her how she felt, and she said much better.  Although, I didn’t specifically ask her how her wrist felt, my Reiki Master spoke to the woman directly afterwards and relayed the woman’s experience to me.

When the woman finished her session she looked down at her arm because she couldn’t feel the pain that existed in her wrist anymore.  She was able to move it around without wincing, unlike 20 minutes earlier.

What a gift I have been given–to have the ability to lessen and take away this pain and suffering.

I give thanks to all who have let me treat them, and I thank you for reading this.


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