Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

…I relieve pain

Yesterday I had the opportunity to treat a woman who just got a cast taken off of her wrist.  She came to the session in a lot of pain and was wincing when she moved her arm.  I began the session by first grounding her at her feet, then proceeded to work on her arm.  I placed one hand on her shoulder, and my other hand above her aching wrist.  During the few minutes at this position, I felt my hands tingle–actually, there was more tingling in the hand that was above her wrist than the hand placed on her shoulder.  This uneven tingling led me to realize that both of my hands needed to be placed over her wrist; so that is where I moved my hands.  I stayed at that position for the rest of the treatment, aside from moving back to her feet to ground her during the last minute of the session.  When she was done, I asked her how she felt, and she said much better.  Although, I didn’t specifically ask her how her wrist felt, my Reiki Master spoke to the woman directly afterwards and relayed the woman’s experience to me.

When the woman finished her session she looked down at her arm because she couldn’t feel the pain that existed in her wrist anymore.  She was able to move it around without wincing, unlike 20 minutes earlier.

What a gift I have been given–to have the ability to lessen and take away this pain and suffering.

I give thanks to all who have let me treat them, and I thank you for reading this.



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