Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

…I too experience stress

My work week was only four days long, but that meant that there was more work to do with less days to do it in.   Moreover, a project that was recently discovered and took somewhat high priority needed to be finished.  This meant that I came in early, worked more hours, and without lunch.  I did this not because my employer made me, but because that is the type of worker I am.  I am Vata dosha (, which means that I like to be busy and work on projects for hours on end without stopping.  And although this type of work is great because it is prompt with quality and perfection, it means that I become imbalanced because I skip lunches, drink too much coffee, do not drink enough water, and do not take breaks.  I am aware of this imbalance all the while I work, so I don’t hit the extreme—although to some, this is their extreme.

The stress that my body experienced I did to myself, but fortunately I am a Reiki Master.  I came home Friday night knowing that I wanted to relax- watch a movie, dress in comfy clothes; but first…..give myself Reiki.

Temporal lobes position - Image from

Occipital lobe position - Image from

For quick treatments, I focus on three main hand positions; head, heart, and solar plexus.  For this quick session, my head was going round and round with work, so 3/4 of the time was focused on several positions on my head.  Both my left and right hands were placed in position 1, above my eyes, but after a few minutes the busyness did not lessen.

So I moved my hands to position 2, above my temporal lobes (temples).  (See pictures for placement.)  At this position, I felt so much pressure release from my head, and it felt like my body was sinking into the couch I was lying on.

After the pressure became less, I moved my hands to cover my ears; then lastly, position 3, over my occipital lobe (base of the skull.)  (See pictures for placement.)

I didn’t have enough time to give myself a full treatment, but even 20 minutes of Reiki left me feeling floaty and light.  I felt more relaxed than a movie, glass of wine, or massage would have given me.  Look into finding a way to give yourself Reiki.  ~Thank you, Reiki, Sally & Mikao Usui


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