Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

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Last weekend I had the opportunity to treat someone who had several physical symptoms of discomfort; insomnia, liver problems, and pinched nerves.  For those who are practitioners, before you begin a session with a client be sure to ask if there are particular locations of pain or discomfort.  Although Reiki provides energy to various auric levels, many people (especially those who are new to Reiki) focus on the physical level because that is the level in which we feel discomfort.

With this client, I began to ground at the feet.  After about five minutes, I moved to the area the client mentioned had discomfort- the liver.  Placing my hands on the client, I could feel my hands tingle.  To me, this meant that energy was not balanced in the liver.  This is understandable because the liver is connected to sleep problems when you consider traditional chinese medicine.

I stayed in this position for the rest of the session, except for the last minute of the treatment where I moved back to the feet to ground the client again.

Afterward, the client forgot to mention that there were also pinched nerve problems.  When the client realized this and re-assessed the nerve pain, the pain was not there anymore.  Thank you, Reiki.  And by the way, I’m sure there was a full night sleep, too.



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