Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Have you ever seen the time-lapse videos capturing flower movements throughout the day?  When you observe this, you learn that most plants move to follow the Sun’s path.  Well today when I went outside, I realized that this is one of the smartest things they do!  They already know how powerful the Sun is when it is not obstructed by clouds.  Although in a fast-paced society, humans usually don’t appreciate the Sun’s greatness.

But luckily today I was aware of it.  Although it’s still cold and the winter season for me, the Sun shone down.  I went outside for a run, and from that first moment the sun struck my skin I closed my eyes and felt the warmth spread on my face down towards my entire body.  It automatically brought a smile to my face.  Through my entire run, I was trying to find the roads that made me follow the Sun.

Follow the Sun, it sustains our life on this planet.  Give thanks to the Sun by sitting for a moment in its embrace and say thank you.



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