Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

I am creating a hypothesis…my daily exercise routine decreases my need for Reiki healing on the physical level.

Image from aarmano

As a Vata dosha, routine and exercise help balance and ground myself.  So for the past few weeks, I have modified my work-out schedule and stuck to it.  Along with this new routine, an old routine that I still follow is giving myself a long Reiki treatment every Saturday.  During this weekend’s treatment, I didn’t feel a large amount of vibration or “buzzing” throughout my body like I have during previous treatments.

What changed from last week’s treatment to this week’s treatment?  Was it the way I was treating myself?  Well with Reiki, even though you do not physically feel vibrations, heat, or other sensations, Reiki energy still moves through you.  So, I knew it was not a question of my techniques.  But then I thought that it was my new exercise routine.

My hypothesis and evidence are based on the following; exercise decreases stress (this is scientifically proven), and Reiki decreases stress (although small, there is some evidence).  When I exercise, my body naturally decreases the stress level in my body; so there is less physical stress to treat when I have my Saturday treatment.

Hmmm……that’s great personal evidence that supports using Reiki to monitor my body’s stress level.



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