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I want to invite all of you to take the 21-day Meditation Challenge from the Chopra Center.  I registered for my first one last Summer 2011 because I wanted to learn how to meditate.  I have attempted to meditate a few handful of times, but was not sure if I was properly meditating.  It was not a routine in my life, either.  I felt that meditation took a lot of time from my already-busy day.  But when I received an email for this challenge, I thought that it would be a great guide for me.  It was a great guide.

Each day during my lunch break, I sat in my car and listened to the recorded email I received by my smartphone.  Most sessions took an average of 10-20 minutes; this left me with time to prep myself for the second half of my work day and eat my lunch.  What I learned, too, was that the “ohms” commonly connected with meditation is a great focusing tool.  On a daily basis, my mind races around the To-Do lists I have to complete, even while meditating.  But when I sing or hum “ohm” a few times, my mind thinks about making the noise and NOT my lists.

Give it a Try!  I found myself excited about receiving these emails for 21-days.  I hope you do, too.



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