Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to treat someone who regularly comes to Reiki Share.  I was one of four practitioners working with this person.  Usually during the beginning of treatments, we ask the receiver if there are certain problem areas that need more focus than others.  But at the beginning of this treatment I was away, so I did not hear about the receiver’s problem areas.

When I came back, the treatment had already begun; so, I quietly sat down and began to give Reiki.  I was sitting on the left side of the receiver, so I placed my hand on the knee and the shoulder to balance the side of the body.

After a few moments, I was very compelled to give Reiki to the receiver’s lower back.  I slid my hand underneath the lower back and the other hand at the same location, but on the front of the body- above the abdomen.  As I gave Reiki to this area, I felt pressure within my head, specifically between my ears.  I also felt so still- that I did not and could move my hands to any other place.  When I feel this pressure or that I am frozen in the spot, I know that position I am treating is exactly where the receiver needs energy.

The twenty minutes passed by rather quickly.  As soon as I knew it, the treatment was over.  But what is most fantastic is that I was fortunate to speak with the receiver directly after.  I was told that while I was away during the beginning of the session, it was revealed that work needed to be done on the second chakra.  This was exactly where I was compelled to give Reiki!  Wow, my intuition was what told me to move to the lower back.  It was trustworthy , and I am glad I listened.

Begin to listen to your intuition.  You will only amaze yourself when you trust and respond to it.



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