Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

…I alleviate bruising

Last weekend, I had the unfortunate accident in which my leg got caught between my car door and the body of the car.  Worst of all, the door had momentum as it closed because my car was on a hill.  Needless to say, my calf bruised to approximately 3 inches by 2.5 inches diameter.  But, the bruising was not as discolored as I would have imagined it to be because of the injury to my leg.  I attribute this to Reiki.

As a Reiki Master, when I get injured I make sure that I give that injured area Reiki to aid in the body’s healing process.  After my leg was slammed by the door, I made sure that I gave myself Reiki.  On the next day, my leg did ache when I walked.  This is a sure sign that Reiki is not magic, but…I do not want to imagine what it would have looked like or felt like when I walked if I wasn’t able to give myself additional healing.

After one week, my skin is slightly discolored and the area is still a bit sensitive.  I will have Reiki given to this area tomorrow and I’ll tell you how quickly my leg changes back to normal.



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