Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Recently, I grappled with my knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  I had the opportunity to treat someone who has gallstones.  It took me a minute to bring the knowledge to the forefront of my brain because I haven’t treated anyone with this ailment before.

Gallbladder located in the right upper quadrant

As a Reiki Master and Biology graduate, I believe it is very important to know the physical locations of organs within the human body.  Further, I believe I must know the main function, surrounding organs, and related organs.  For this particular treatment, I knew a gallstone was a collection of cholesterol, bile, and calcium located in your gall bladder.  Further, the liver and gall bladder are directly connected to each other within the digestive system.  Knowing this, I was able to place my hands in the upper right quadrant of the receiver’s body for a longer portion of time during the treatment.  By giving Reiki energy to this area, the gall bladder will become balanced, and hopefully break up the stones so that it can be excreted from the body.

Be sure to read up on your anatomy and physiology so that you can focus your Reiki energy on particular organs connected to the receiver’s disease



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