Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

This week, I’ve volunteered my time to giving Reiki to a new receiver.  This week was the second time I have treated the person, and have a few more sessions scheduled for the future.  This week’s treatment was arranged about two weeks ago; and I have prepared and studied different hand positions for the receiver’s dis”eases”.  By preparing for this appointment, I’ve set an intent for the treatment.  By setting an intent or intention for the treatment, I am focusing the Reiki energy to be beneficial for the receiver.  And as I was driving to the appointment, I could already feel my hands and palms were hot.  Because of the intent, my body was already channeling the Reiki energy even before I was placing my hands on the receiver.  Remember to set your intentions and focus your Reiki energy to get the most out of a treatment.


This is a great reference book for common ailments and the hand positions used for those ailments.


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