Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Last month I had the opportunity to treat the lead singer of a metal/ rock band.  Prior to receiving Reiki, the singer mentioned that nerves were setting in for the music gig later that night.
When someone reveals to me that they are nervous, I know that I must work on their solar plexus, or control chakra.  By balancing the energy at the solar plexus, I aide in changing the anxious and busy energy to more calm and grounded energy.  For this treatment, I placed my hands on the solar plexus, which is the upper abdominal area.  I kept my hands there for several minutes.  When I felt the pull of energy through my hands dissipate and the need to stay at the solar plexus decrease.

Since this person was a vocalist in a metal/ rock band, I also knew that I needed to bring energy to the organs that physically work during voice production.  This meant I needed to divide the treatment time between the vocal box, or larynx, all lung lobes, and diaphragm.  By choosing these organs, I was sure to help the singer use the muscles properly, so the air would move through their lungs and wind pipe.

I am glad to understand the physiology of voice production so that I was able to help this singer.  Learn about daily activities and the mechanics of our anatomy that produce those daily activities.  It will help when you begin treating yourself and others.



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