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During the 21-Day Meditation Challenge offered by The Chopra Center, there was one specific meditation that impacted my thinking.  It was a meditation where I focused on my ideas of “owning”.  The main question that I “lightly” thought about during the meditation was, “what do I own?”  The answers could be tangible and intangible objects; materials, emotions, characteristics, responsibilities, roles, etcetera.

I focused on the material objects because the physical objects are easiest for me to describe.  In my head, I went from room to room in my house and visualized looking at all of my belongings.  As I was visualizing this, another question was, “why do I own these items, and do those items still serve that purpose for me?”

As I ended this meditation, I had more respect and appreciation for myself, my hard work (which has helped me pay for the items), and each item.

Today, I will be going through each room in my house and gathering all those items that are not serving their purpose for me anymore.  What a great way to Spring clean my house and my soul.



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