Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Today’s post is about the liver.  The liver is the largest organ inside your body and belongs to the Digestive System.  It is located in the upper right quadrant, just below the right breast spanning down towards the rib cage.

Many find the Digestive System easy to understand because we interact with it so often.  The Digestive System’s main function is to breakdown the food and liquid we ingest, so the body can absorb its nutrients.  Specifically, the liver regulates the level of sugar within the blood, converts fats to a usable form in the body, and traps and breaks down toxins into non-poisonous substances.

The Liver and Location

During Reiki, I focus on the liver when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  fatigue,

<>  loss of appetite,

<>  poor digestion,

<>  abdominal pain,

<>  extremely uncommon discolored waste,

<>  alcohol or drug dependence,

<>  obesity,

<>  upper right quadrant pain, or

<>  dietary changes.

Coupled with the liver, I also work on the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach.  The reason being is they are organs directly related to the digesting our food and filtering the bloodstream.

While I treat the liver, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body to reach the right kidney.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!



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