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When you are a beginning practitioner, it is common to feel unsure about whether the Reiki you’re giving is “working.”  And even as a seasoned practitioner, there are times when a treatment doesn’t feel as strong as it had during other treatments.

I felt this same way during a previous treatment.  When I began the treatment, I was working on the receiver’s right arm.  At this position, I felt weak sensations in my hands.  They were slightly warm, but that is all.  *As a side note, remember that although you don’t feel sensations, trust that Reiki is flowing.*  Trusting this, I remained at the right arm for a few minutes.

When I finished the receiver’s right arm, I treated the left arm.  And as soon as I placed my hands on the arm, the sensations were powerful!  Vibrations enveloped my hands, my body temperature increased (I was on the brink of sweating), energy pulled through my hands, and I had an instinct to stand still- to remain at that spot.

It was then that I realized the Reiki I was giving was “working” the entire time.  I was just treating the wrong side.

As a new practitioner, don’t give up because you’re not feeling any sensations.  Become confident in your practice.  Let yourself find where the receiver needs the energy.  Experiment with hand positions.  If you are on the right, then treat the left.  If you are on the anterior, then move to the posterior…..and so on.

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Comments on: "…be confident in your practice" (2)

  1. Such a great reminder! And it can be so hard to just “trust” and let go. Thanks for the suggestions about making adjustments in the hand positions.


  2. […] treatment where the receiver needed more energy on the left arm compared to the right arm.  (Read it here.)  Although anatomically they are mirror-images of each other, when you research about the […]


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