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…I calm the busy mind

When you are giving Reiki to another person, you want to observe any physical responses the receiver may have during your treatment.  Some physical responses may be; shallow or deep breathing (breath movements are in the chest or the stomach), short or long breaths, crying, or excessive blinking with closed lids, to name a few.

Excessive blinking is usually a movement I recognize when the receiver is having a difficult time relaxing.  The mind is still racing and thinking about the “To Do” list.  I have witnessed that it takes an average of 10 minutes until a receiver has begun to relax and the eye movements slow.

There are a few hand positions that induce a slower mind.  They are located on the head region, and also the first four Reiki hand positions.  While I use these positions, I also observe the breathing patterns and eye lid movements.  After using the above mentioned hand positions, I can see a change in the movement of the eyelids.  They adapt to the relaxed condition and I see the eyelids “blink” less.  The breathing also slows and is more smooth.

Be sure to try these positions on your self to learn how long it takes your mind to slow.



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