Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

…I learn from my experiences

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend for an afternoon walk.  And about one hour prior to our walk, I ate something that didn’t settle well in my stomach.  Consequently, I felt uncomfortable and sporadic pains in my lower abdomen.  However, the pains were not enough to keep me from our visit; and, it would be a good way to digest the food that caused the pain.  Moreover, it was a chance to get exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and good conversation.

While we walked, I gave myself Reiki by placing my hands on my lower abdomen.  My friend noticed and offered to give me some energy work.  Gladly I accepted; and we found a bench alongside the trail.  Although my abdomen was the location of my pain, she stood behind me and did not place her hands on my body at all.  Her intention to decrease my pain was enough to channel the energy where it was needed.  During the short 15 minute treatment, my stabbing pains subsided and my abdomen was only slightly tender.

From this experience, I learned two things as a Reiki Master.  First, remember that intention is powerful.  Thinking about where you want to focus your energy (whether it be Reiki energy or your daily energy) will guide you towards change.  Second, even though I can treat myself with Reiki, sometimes it is nice to let another heal and care for me.

~Namaste,   Christine


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