Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

It is not my place to pass judgments towards others, because every individual has their own story.  And the reason why they end up in the same place that I am is not always under my control.  With that being said, one of my recent sessions was out of the ordinary.

She was just trying to view the inside of the building.  She wanted to get a feel towards whether this building was a place she felt comfortable in.  On this very same day, my practitioner group was offering free Reiki to the public.  As he walked into the building, another Reiki Master greeted him.  He didn’t know what he walked into, but he listened to the Reiki Master share about Reiki and its healing energy. She sat and observed practitioners treat recipients.  I could tell he was interested, but also taken-aback by the concept.  So my group remained patient, knowing he would approach one of us if and when he was ready.

Then after about an hour of watching, she was ready.

Alongside two other practitioners, I had the blessed opportunity to treat her.  I could see the grimy nails and protruding belly.  I could smell the stagnant cigarette smoke.  I could see her missing teeth.

I could make out his colorful tattoo that portrayed kindness and love.  And I could feel his willingness and hope for change.  He was neither dangerous nor harmful…he just wanted to feel better.

Although there were poor hygiene standards I was not used to dealing with, who am I to deny someone treatment?  Please understand that it is every practitioner’s right to choose who he or she wants to treat.  But for me, I chose to treat because I was so satisfied knowing that she experienced Reiki for the first time.

For that day may have been his first day of a new kind of wonderful life.  Namaste.



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