Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

I once had the opportunity to treat a breast cancer survivor preparing to return to the doctor’s office for another battle.  But before she went in for another treatment, she wanted Reiki.  Nowadays, it is common to hear that chemotherapy and radiation patients couple those treatments with Reiki.  Recent studies show that the nausea and pain experienced after chemo/radiation treatments decrease.  What is more is that patients say they feel more calm and accepting about the fact that they are undergoing cancer treatments.

If you have the opportunity to provide Reiki to a cancer fighter, there are a few questions to ask.  First, if you think the individual may have a medical device on their body, please ask.  Since Reiki energy is very concentrated and intense, placing your hands directly over the device could overpower it.  And if the individual answers yes, learn the device’s location and modify your hand positions to evade the area.

Secondly, be sure to study human anatomy.  Our bodies may have separate organs, but these organs also build connected systems. Practitioners may choose to focus only on the cancer-affected area.  Some practitioners, such as myself, choose to work on individual organ, as well as supporting organs.  Either choice is reasonable because Reiki travels to where the body needs healing.  So even if your hands are in one location, the energy may move to the organ suffering the most.

  • During this treatment, the individual wore an external device and had the freedom to remove it from the body.  I treated this woman alongside three other practitioners, and I focused on her head.
  • I first decided to help slow down her busy and worried mind.  I placed my hands in Position 1, and then envisioned the energy sent through my hands slowed down the electric impulses traveling through her neural pathways.
  • After a few minutes, I then placed my hands above her chest area to treat the breast cancer itself.
  • After a few minutes above the mammary glands, I began to think about the various organs in the immune system.  I chose to treat the thymus because one function is to mature the T-cells.  The T-cells, a type of white blood cell, fight against infections.  I moved my hands over the location of the thymus, posterior to the sternum bone.  I stayed there for several minutes and focused on sending powerful, strong, fighting energy.
  • Lastly, I remembered that the woman mentioned suffering from insomnia, or lack of sleep.  Since I knew the pituitary and hypothalamus glands regulate sleep patterns, I wanted to give Reiki to those glands.  They are centrally located within the brain, so I positioned my hands above her forehead.

She was very grateful after her treatment.  I am blessed to have given her a moment of peace and relaxation.



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