Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Sometimes I observe people at work or in coffee shops, and they unknowingly display actions with hidden notes of stress.  They don’t tell me they’re stressed; but I can hear them breathe long and deep or the direction they walk is swift and uninterrupted.  These actions don’t always signify stress, but for a friend of mine they did.

I mentioned to my friend that she looked busy; and she responded by listing off the things that needed to get done.  She then divulged to me that sometimes she suffered anxiety attacks when things got that overwhelming.  As soon as my friend mentioned this to me, I realized that I had to offer a Reiki treatment.

I’ve treated my friend before, so I didn’t spend time introducing Reiki as a form of stress relief.  But I did have to guide her with this decision.  She was already overwhelmed, so I knew it would be difficult for her to agree to adding another commitment to her full day.  So, my approach was to let my friend have control of the length of treatment.  I informed her that the Reiki treatment could be any amount of time.  Further, I encouraged the idea that she owed herself some personal down time.  My friend took me up on my offer for 20 minutes.

At the beginning of the treatment, I promised to watch the clock for the length she agreed to.  This way, I decreased any additional anxiety that would come from worrying the treatment would run over.  By doing so, my friend devoted this time to herself by just relaxing.

And for me, 20 minutes gave me a limited amount of Reiki hand positions to choose from.  I decided to first focus on the feet to ground and balance.  Secondly, I focused on the head to slow the spinning wheel.  Lastly, I placed one hand on the solar plexus and one hand on the heart for control and love.  And as promised, I closed up the session after 20 minutes passed.

Although the treatment was brief, my friend gave me immeasurable feedback that validated the healing of her Reiki treatment.  Those short Reiki treatments are just as marvelous as hour-long treatments!

Since you interact with so many people each day, give yourself time to interact with yourself.  You deserve some self-time to breathe, to quiet, to calm down.  ~Christine


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