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…to begin again.


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There was something weighing heavy in my heart as I approached these last few weeks of pregnancy.  I was feeling scared, filled with butterflies from my pelvis to my heart.  This feeling radiated outward from my chest; and I knew releasing these feelings were key to a progressive and calm labor.  Moreover, I didn’t want these feelings present as I begin my new relationship with my baby girl.


And this morning I was finally ready to let go of these emotions through a Holy Fire Reiki meditation.  As a Karuna Reiki Master, I learned several meditations and mantras that support healing past experiences.  I chanted three mantras that focused on my trusting life, manifesting my goals, and healing my heart.  As I chanted these mantras with my hands on my pelvis and heart, out of no-where I heard the phrase, “begin again.”  Hearing those words immediately connected with the tightly bound ball of emotions I had.  I thought, “begin again, yes, that is what I want to do.”  I want to be ready to begin again, to begin another new life in my little family, to go through labor and delivery again.  To begin again.  And I began to cry.  As I released a load of feelings, I felt validated.  These are truths, worthy feelings that come with a pregnancy after loss.  Not everyone experiences this, but they do exist.

As that release of emotions passed through me, there was a bit more heartache remaining.  So I invited Holy Fire Reiki to come in to me.  I wanted to replace any residual anxiety with love, compassion, and confidence.  With an immediate answer, I felt the presence of warmth and love flow through me like a soothing wave.  I felt at peace.  And with my hand on my heart, I heard a voice say, “you have everything you need within you.”  Again, I cried when I heard these words.  And through these tears and gasping breaths, I released the fears that were holding me back.  Holding me back from moving forward with this new little one, this new little girl, Lolo’s baby sister.

And now, I am ready.  Ready more than I have been before, because of this Reiki meditation.  And if any lingering feelings come back around, I will fill myself with Holy Fire Reiki and trust that I have everything I need within me.

I am now ready to bring my little tiger into the world.  We cannot wait to meet her.

Thank you for reading and being open to Reiki.  It is my joy to bring peace to others using Reiki.  With love and compassionate embraces,


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  1. That is beyond beautiful! You have no idea how much grace you just provided for your daughter. With my son, I had no awareness of things such as this, and he has spent his entire fourteen year life unable to bring his energy fully into his body because of my not resolving emotions around a pregnancy loss. I quite literally figured it out only about two weeks ago, and with a very emotional healing, I was able to communicate with the soul of my son and finally bring him into my heart, which allowed him to fully enter into his physical body for the first time. The immediate results have been the end of crippling anxiety and panic attacks, reduction of tactile oversensitivity, increased physical coordination, and he’s so much more present. I have a happy son! Of course, being a teenager presents it’s own challenges, but I’ll take them any day. I am so excited for you and for your arriving daughter. Peace and blessings.

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    • Mariner2mother, thank you. And I apologize for the long awaited response…I had my baby girl just one week after this post! She came early, and so I have been adjusting my life with a newborn. Thank you for your wonderful words. It is wonderful to hear that you have made a connection with your son. On a side note, I offer a workshop called Soul ReUnion with a fellow colleague. It focuses on creating a relationship with the unborn child, if you are interested contact me again. Love and light.

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      • Congratulations on the birth of your daughter! Your adventure together is just beginning. What an exciting time. My only new mommy advice is trust your intuition and when you’re at the end of your rope and can’t get a break, do the unexpected and hug your beautiful little one, and then get a nap as soon as you can. Works for all ages and stages.

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  2. […] The last time I wrote, I had just completed a much needed meditation that helped me get to a ready-place before my daughter was born.  There were a number of divine actions that happened during her birth, and I feel that meditating with Reiki was the foundation for her timing.  It released my anxiety about labor and my fear about raising her after losing her big brother.  It then empowered me with confidence to go through this journey again.  It was an amazing mediation, and I titled my post, “To Begin Again“. […]


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