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…with a divine gift.

Divine GiftsThe last time I wrote, I had just completed a much needed meditation that helped me get to a ready-place before my daughter was born.  There were a number of divine actions that happened during her birth, and I feel that meditating with Reiki was the foundation for her timing.  It released my anxiety about labor and my fear about raising her after losing her big brother.  It then empowered me with confidence to go through this journey again.  It was an amazing mediation, and I titled my post, “To Begin Again“.

My last pregnancy I went through my due date and began labor at 41 weeks and 2 days.  But that turned out horribly; so, I didn’t want to go past 39 weeks.  I also didn’t want to have another c-section; there was so much anxiety around that the first time, so the anxiety doubled even tripled during this pregnancy.  These two ideas were released during the meditation.  The meditation told me that I had everything I needed, which I did.  Coupled with the meditation divine interaction from my sweet little angel, Lolo, eased his mama’s anxiety.  Ten days after the meditation, she spontaneously and naturally arrived 1 week and 2 days early.

Without going into my birth story, let’s just say that it was quick.  I arrived at the hospital ready to be fully admitted, WITHOUT QUESTION.  Once admitted, my husband and I worked with the cues of my body through contractions.  I had the confidence that I had everything I needed to complete this labor.  I can astonishingly say that I found my place within the contractions to where I realized that labor could actually be relaxing!  I know, yeah right, that’s what I thought too until I experienced it.  I had a natural VBAC, which is not very common anymore.  No cesarean needed.  I am so thankful.

Another divine sign – this all started with my water breaking in the early morning.  I looked at the clock and it was 3:15 am…on 3/15/2017.  But…

the biggest gift of all, 3/15/2017 happens to be my birthday.  My special gift from my son from heaven was the arrival of his sister on my birthday.  Our birthday.  The best birthday gift I have ever received.

This is an amazing birth story wrapped in the assistance of Reiki and meditation.  Thank you, Lolo, for being by my side and watching over our family from the realms you adorn.

~Thank you for reading and enjoying our story,




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  1. What a beautiful story. Congratulations!

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