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Day 2

No, you haven’t missed Day 1. It was never written.

Day 2 is where I begin this adventure. An adventure to write, to proclaim, to pat myself on the back – NO…to high-five myself; and to high-five you, as well.

I want to begin this adventure in hopes of spawning a new culture, a widened view of acceptance of proclaiming our wins in life. I’m not talking about those common milestone wins; although these wins are also reasons to celebrate. I’m talking about those little wins that were baby steps in the larger game called life.

Today was Day 2 in my meditation routine that needed some modification. Let me back up a bit. I have FOREVER (seriously! since I was in high school) struggled with waking up on time. Fast forward over 20 years and three kids later, it is apparent to me that I NEED to wake up before my children even twitch at the lightest noise and begin their day. For six months, I have been trying to wake up at 5 am. Some days I do and some days I don’t. It’s easy for me to talk myself out of getting up when I don’t get a full night’s sleep – my kiddos are still learning how to sleep by themselves throughout the night. This time, however, was different. And I want to thank knowledgable and special friends of my family’s – Abby, Elmo, and the rest of the Sesame Street gang! There’s a phrase that they teach my family; “I Wonder, What If, Let’s Try”.

Day 1 was easy because my daughter woke me up at 4:45 am to tuck her back in bed. So I kept the momentum of being awake and meditated. A routine of 20 minutes of pranayama breathing and two Abraham Hicks rampages. I then enjoyed a warm drink while reviewing my planner and then even read a few pages of my cat magazine! My eyes grew tired and I thought about going back to sleep. As I momentarily reprimanded myself I realized, “at this point, I’m winning!” So, I decided to roll with the tiredness and snuggled back in bed next to my daughter. It was blissful.

Little wins. That’s what I’m talking about.

But it gets better.

Day 2

My alarm went off in mid-REM sleep cycle; I was jolted awake. I slept in another 45 minutes and awoke to the idea of all the ways I could sleep in AND meditate. But I’ve done that before, time and time again. It works, but never the same as if I meditated without my kids awake. And then I heard it, “I wonder, what if I meditated for two days in a row before my kids woke up? Let’s try it and see what my day brings.”

Damn, from not having enough waffles to share to losing a brown marker; I calmly and compassionately diffused each situation. I even had enough energy to go about some of these toddler-catastrophes with humor. Little wins.

Oh, and I also did the daily chores, paid bills, played outside, and while making lunch I quizzed my girls on their colors, shapes, and letters. Wow! For most, these are regular things that must get done. And when I became a parent with multiple kiddos, my time disappeared into disjointed conversations and tasks. I understand creating a family is the natural evolution of joining more individuals into the mix of your life. But as I traveled through the same trail day in and day out, I have learned that I wanted my path to be smoother and easier to navigate through. So I practiced over and over; tweaked my routine here and there. And the final carve in my path, wondering what my Day 2 would look like. In this I found a little win…actually lots of little wins.

And for this, I high-five my rockstar mom of a jam! I feel good, I feel great, I feel awesome. AWE-some. And this culture we live in just got a lot better because this is my proclamation today. And I invite you to join me, talk with me, high-five with me. This postpartum struggling momma with cases of depression, grief, guilt, anxiety, and RAGE knows. I don’t know it all; but I FEEL you! Don’t sustain the culture of quietness; but acknowledge the toughness in life and then high-five the little wins in your day. And tell me your story – what little win did you just have today? Maybe the relief that it is acceptable to cheerlead for yourself. Rest with that!

Come back to high-five me about Day 3.

~Namaste, Christine


Comments on: "…practicing the art of meditation." (2)

  1. Congratulations! Back in 2012 I began a mantra-based meditation practice with the new year, that fell by the wayside when my father passed away in early February. That said, I’ve reaped the benefits of having a meditation practice through doing healing work (working with a soul-guided hypnotherapist for 4 years, and then some). And today my meditation is mostly active forms: guided meditation and writing. (I’ve tried TM a few times, but it never resonated well).
    I’ve been having a series of little wins the past few weeks – using the recent threat of flooding and having taken up our rugs and items on our ground floor as the impetus to clean and take care of my long-neglected house (some deep cleaning, some purging, replacing broken window blinds, and more). Giving our home some overdue TLC. (Going through a Kundalini awakening has been very physically and mentally demanding for the past 4.5+ years, and my home and yard have been a bit neglected).

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