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… finding what fits.

Losing my son has been the most life changing event I never knew could happen. (Ignorance is bliss, isn’t it?) And with the loss comes the building, shaping, and defining of my life. People ask if things are “getting back to normal”, and what most don’t even try to understand is that “normal” is not an option . In my case, I didn’t want to go back to normal, because the normal didn’t include my son. What is more, is in that moment I realized my child died, nothing mattered anymore. Who I was, who I am-I can’t even talk about who I was in the past because I can’t even relate to that person anymore.

And with that, I have to analyze, feel out everything as if it’s new to me. Pre-friends, pre-family pre-enjoyments, pre-everything; as if I was experiencing them for the first time. Because I am experiencing it for the first time…as Lolo’s mom, a woman whose child is somewhere else but in her arms. I am trying to find what fits and what doesn’t.

And I know that may sound sad and depressing… it should because it is. But it’s also the most empowering thing I’ve ever learned from. I’m more proud and I have more conviction in who I am. I’m also much more compassionate and empathetic. I know others may see the “new” me as different; and they don’t like it because I may not act the way I used to; and they don’t like the change. I could be sarcastically defensive and agree that their trying to get used to this new me is hard for them. (As if what I’m going through isn’t tough?!) But I’ve realized that is not the issue. I’m in a different place from where I used to be…I’ve outgrown things from my past, and they’re not of use to me anymore. And acknowledging and accepting that is freeing. I am grateful and free.



…with a divine gift.

Divine GiftsThe last time I wrote, I had just completed a much needed meditation that helped me get to a ready-place before my daughter was born.  There were a number of divine actions that happened during her birth, and I feel that meditating with Reiki was the foundation for her timing.  It released my anxiety about labor and my fear about raising her after losing her big brother.  It then empowered me with confidence to go through this journey again.  It was an amazing mediation, and I titled my post, “To Begin Again“.

My last pregnancy I went through my due date and began labor at 41 weeks and 2 days.  But that turned out horribly; so, I didn’t want to go past 39 weeks.  I also didn’t want to have another c-section; there was so much anxiety around that the first time, so the anxiety doubled even tripled during this pregnancy.  These two ideas were released during the meditation.  The meditation told me that I had everything I needed, which I did.  Coupled with the meditation divine interaction from my sweet little angel, Lolo, eased his mama’s anxiety.  Ten days after the meditation, she spontaneously and naturally arrived 1 week and 2 days early.

Without going into my birth story, let’s just say that it was quick.  I arrived at the hospital ready to be fully admitted, WITHOUT QUESTION.  Once admitted, my husband and I worked with the cues of my body through contractions.  I had the confidence that I had everything I needed to complete this labor.  I can astonishingly say that I found my place within the contractions to where I realized that labor could actually be relaxing!  I know, yeah right, that’s what I thought too until I experienced it.  I had a natural VBAC, which is not very common anymore.  No cesarean needed.  I am so thankful.

Another divine sign – this all started with my water breaking in the early morning.  I looked at the clock and it was 3:15 am…on 3/15/2017.  But…

the biggest gift of all, 3/15/2017 happens to be my birthday.  My special gift from my son from heaven was the arrival of his sister on my birthday.  Our birthday.  The best birthday gift I have ever received.

This is an amazing birth story wrapped in the assistance of Reiki and meditation.  Thank you, Lolo, for being by my side and watching over our family from the realms you adorn.

~Thank you for reading and enjoying our story,



…with a new Christmas perspective.

I was taught that God is a glorious, righteous being.  And I grew up believing that God doesn’t experience the same emotions that we humans do; like anger, fear, sadness, or jealously.  Now whether this is accurate or not, I am not sure; but it was with this belief that made me not understand why people would say to me, “God is gracious,” when they found out my son was stillborn.  I thought, he doesn’t empathize with my sadness, my broken heart, or my pain. How could this action be an act of grace?!!

But then I recently read a post that started to break down my ignorant and childhood belief, yet revealed more clarity and truth in my understanding of God.  This post was from another mother of a stillborn.  She wrote that God knows the same sadness as she does, because he unselfishly chose his Son to be born on Earth to heal and save us.

And in reading those words, John 3:16 had a new meaning to me.  I realized that God didn’t get to raise his Son, Jesus, like other parents did.  He sacrificed this closeness because he knew his Son was going to do great, unsurmountable things on Earth.  He loved Jesus from a distance; and Jesus knew his father loved him, even if they were apart.  With this sacrifice, God must have ached and felt emotions just like I do.

And that is my new Christmas perspective this year.  Christmas is now a day that I connect my husband and my sacrifice.  We believe our son, Lolo, is doing amazing and wonderful things wherever his spirit soars.  Despite that we are not all physically here on Earth, I know Lolo loves us, and that he knows his daddy and mama love him.

As you spend this Christmas however you do, please remember that Christmas is the day we celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth.  We celebrate the sacrifice God made so that we can be saved, forgiven, and healed here on Earth.  Although it may be difficult to believe this, if you look at the details, you may find little revelations in your life, too.

Merry Christmas,


planning Reiki in labor

I am fortunate to know and practice Reiki.  I have witnessed it decrease individuals’  pain from broken bones, aid others’ with letting go during the loss of loved ones, and quickly recover a cancer patient after surgery.  Of all these experiences, I have only read and not given treatments during labor.  I often wonder how Reiki effects the pain that accompanies labor.  And now that I am within days, even hours, of my own labor, I am excited to find out.

There are a few activities I have done to promote a positive pregnancy experience; Reiki during my “morning (but actually afternoon through evening) sickness”, regular Reiki treatments for myself and baby, cranial-sacral adjustments, and daily conversations with baby, to name a few.  Now, I am planning what I can do to promote a positive labor experience.

I’ve already experienced some painful contractions; and when I place my hands on the area to give Reiki, the pain instantly softens and even diminishes.  What is more, I can still feel my muscles going through the contraction without that pain.  I plan to give Reiki to myself during each contraction.

Another plan is to send Reiki to where I will give birth, Bellingham Baby Center.  As a Reiki Master (actually as a Level II Reiki practitioner), I am able to send Reiki to past or future events.  When I send Reiki to this future event, I set an intention to have Reiki waiting for me when I arrive at the center.  I also visualize a dome-shaped “field” that protects and fills the area with energy that calms and relaxes me and baby; and also moves my labor forward naturally and efficiently.

There are so many testimonials that labor can be close-to, or even painless.  A woman’s body is built for it, we just have to listen, respect it, and appreciate it.  If you begin to listen, no one will know more about what your body needs than you do.  I have no doubt in my mind that Reiki will be there to support all those involved in the labor of baby.

Here’s to a wonderful experience!

~ Christine


…I am meant to share this


We're Moving

I recently moved from a place I called home for 12 years.  The move forced me to learn about myself; how I manage, what I don’t need, and what I love.  I am a member of Reiki group that gets together twice a month to practice.  It was one way I was able to give others Reiki; and with this group as an integral part of my life, I knew I needed to find a similar group when I moved.

After two months away and not finding a new group, I was in need of going back.  I decided to return for one of our regular public Reiki offerings.  Although I still give myself weekly treatments, Reiki feels different when someone else is cleansing your soul, caring for you, and ridding you of toxins.

But what is more are the feelings I have when I treat others.  After being away, my mind was afraid that I was out of practice and my senses would be muddy.  But my faith knew there was no reason to question my ability–and it was right.  From the moment I set my intention to treat my first recipient, vibrant energy surged through my entire body.  My thinking was clear and my ears were ringing.  An overwhelming thought came to my mind…why on Earth would I want to wander away from this?  I am great at it, yet it makes me humble; it rings true to my soul; and, it is powerfully peaceful.

To top it off, I feel so honored and blessed when the receiver looks to me and says with astonishment, “Thank you, that felt amazing!”  To me, I value making others feel comfortable and at ease.  So, when I hear this my heart pours over with love because I know I helped the stress of their world diminish.

I am meant to share Reiki, whether it be paid or voluntary.  Although everyone has the ability to learn it, not all do.  If others just want to receive, then let me be the one to share it.  Although not all may feel as strongly as I do, that is okay.  This is one of my passions; and this is why I maintain this blog–to teach and to share.  I am here if you want to experience it.



…I’ll share love speaking THEIR love language

Reiki is all about compassion and love; and as a Reiki Master, I am fulfilled when I am asked to spend time healing others.  My heart fills with love and appreciation; because Quality Time is one of my love languages.

Love languages, you ask, “what is that?”  It is the language spoken when we show others how much we love and appreciate them.  Unfortunately, many of us think we are speaking clearly; but little do we know, the other cannot hear us because they speak a different love language than we do.  And if we don’t know the language they speak, they may not get the message about how we feel.

Recently, I read Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages.”  This book opened up my eyes and heart to how I spoke to the ones I loved; and to the lack of love I thought I had received.  I realized one reason I love giving Reiki is because my primary love language is Quality Time.  When I spend time with others, via talking over coffee, others planning a thoughtful night out, or a conversation over appetizers and drinks, I feel our relationship is strong.  However, they may not feel the same love I do when we sit for coffee.

So, I also learned that for them to feel loved I needed to speak in their love language.  For example, I have a friend who feels loved when gifts are received.  Although, I don’t like to show my love through giving gifts, I know that I need to give a gift for this person to feel loved.  Moreover, I also realized that just because others I loved didn’t want to spend time talking over a cup of coffee didn’t mean they loved me less.  I learned that each individual showed their love in a different way; such as giving me presents just because, washing my car after weeks of neglecting, or showing me their latest project.  And they may not know I speak in Quality Time language, so the car washing is their way of saying they love me.

Before this Valentine’s Day, I recommend you take the quiz on Gary Chapman’s site.  Find out your love language and read the summary.  Also read true stories and testimonies at  Then take some time to think about who you will be spending this Valentine’s Day with (or even birthdays and Christmases.)  Do these people speak the same language as you or different?  How will you show this person your appreciation for them?  I hope it will be in the language that they speak, so your love is heard.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ~Christine

…an attempt to meditate begins

I have written a few posts about the 21-day meditation challenge offered by The Chopra Center.  It is a great way to begin a routine to practice slowing down the fast-paced mind and remembering what is important to you.  This challenge spans for 21-days and takes approximately 20 minutes per day.

So how does it work?  Well, I have added the link to the website at the end of this post.  The link will send you to the registration page where you can provide your e-mail address, or sign-up via Facebook.  Then each day, The Chopra Center will send you a special guided meditation to listen to when you take a break from your busy life.

Go ahead and give it a try!  Think about it; the worst that can happen is NOT RECEIVING 21 free, guided meditations.  But if you are still uncertain about finding time to devote to this challenge or whether meditation is for you, just sign-up to receive the e-mails and decide later.

Here is the link and enjoy the challenge.     ~Christine

I get asked, “what is Reiki?”

Reiki uses these points on the body to decrease blockages

The way to answer this question depends upon the person’s knowledge and/or openness to Eastern medicine.  And as an educator, my technique in answering this question begins at the learners’ level…common knowledge.

In the United States, it is common to see massage and acupuncture businesses offering treatments to soothe, calm, and promote good health.  Moreover, it is common enough that select insurance companies now carry coverage for these treatments.  This knowledge becomes the foundation of my teaching approach.  And as I begin describing Reiki from a simple and common answer, I observe the response from the learner.  Their response is key to knowing just how deep I should describe Reiki.

First, the simple answer is, “it is a technique that decreases stress in the body.”  I then ask the learner if they have heard about or have ever received a massage or acupuncture treatment.  And of course, I am 99% certain the listener has at least heard about them.

I explain that with massage, there are points in the body where tension builds up.  Massage practitioners find those points and manipulate the muscle tissues to relieve the tension.

With acupuncture, there are points on the body in which blockages build up that prevent flow within the body.  Acupuncturists introduce needles into those points to increase flow.

With the understanding of those two forms of healing, I then move into the description of Reiki.  With Reiki, the same idea follows that there are points in the body where blockages build up.  But unlike the manipulation of tissues or insertion of needles into those points, Reiki practitioners do not need to physically handle the body.  They just place their hands at these points, either on the surface of your body or slightly above, to remove those blockages.  And that is usually where I end my description.

If I do go on, I usually say that others find it difficult to understand how Reiki works because there may be no contact on the surface of the body and you cannot visually see anything coming from the practitioner’s hands.  But usually at this point, the learner now knows the answer to, “what is Reiki?”  And I hope you have, too.


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