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…I am aware of metaphysics

Recently I posted about a previous treatment where the receiver needed more energy on the left arm compared to the right arm.  (Read it here.)  Although anatomically they are mirror-images of each other, when you research about the body’s metaphysical energy, you learn a different perspective.

The left side of your body represents several aspects of your life(ves).  Commonly, you will read that the left side represents your feminine side.  More deeply, how you value and/ or interact with others.  Whether it may be comforting, nurturing, loving, or compassionate.  And remember, women and men have a feminine side.  Another perspective of the left side describes your inner journey, creativeness, imagination, or spirituality.  Further, it may represent your past, what you have experienced in this lifetime or in other lifetimes.

The right side of your body represents the masculine side for both women and men.   The masculine side has been said to describe how feel about and value yourself- your confidence.  And an additional perspective describes your future path.

As I treated this person and felt a stronger need for energy on the left side, I began analyzing what may be the reason for energy unbalance.

If I were to find an unbalance between the left and right sides while self-treating, I would think about all possible ideas listed above and listen to my heart for the answers.  Any answers that are a “maybe” or “yes”, I would journal and think about the ideas more deeply.

Remember, there are several variations of metaphysics; but when you research enough sources, you will find a strong pattern about the left and right sides of the body.  Begin learning about metaphysical body symptoms when unravelling the reasons to discomfort.



…I know liver dis”eases”

Today’s post is about the liver.  The liver is the largest organ inside your body and belongs to the Digestive System.  It is located in the upper right quadrant, just below the right breast spanning down towards the rib cage.

Many find the Digestive System easy to understand because we interact with it so often.  The Digestive System’s main function is to breakdown the food and liquid we ingest, so the body can absorb its nutrients.  Specifically, the liver regulates the level of sugar within the blood, converts fats to a usable form in the body, and traps and breaks down toxins into non-poisonous substances.

The Liver and Location

During Reiki, I focus on the liver when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  fatigue,

<>  loss of appetite,

<>  poor digestion,

<>  abdominal pain,

<>  extremely uncommon discolored waste,

<>  alcohol or drug dependence,

<>  obesity,

<>  upper right quadrant pain, or

<>  dietary changes.

Coupled with the liver, I also work on the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach.  The reason being is they are organs directly related to the digesting our food and filtering the bloodstream.

While I treat the liver, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body to reach the right kidney.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!


…I study the body’s filtration system

I want to begin a series of posts about the human body’s organ systems.  This week, I will be introducing the Urinary System.  I will begin by discussing the basic function of the system and the organs that are found in the system.  then I will explain how I utilize this knowledge when giving Reiki.

The Urinary System’s main function is to filter the body’s blood from nutritional and waste products.  So, the foods, beverages, water, or whatever you inhale taken in to your body, is processed and added to the bloodstream.  Eventually the nutrients in the blood end up at the kidneys.  If your body does not use the nutrients that you have ingested to build up the cells in your body or for storage, it is considered waste.

The Urinary System (Female) from the

The main organs in the Urinary System are the kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra.  Each organ has a specific function to reach the overall goal of filtering your body system.  Blood circulates through your body carrying nutrients and waste.  When the blood reaches your kidneys, the blood is filtered.  This means that whichever material is in your blood; glucose, water, sodium, potassium, etcetera, is separated into good (nutritional) and bad (non-nutritional).  All the bad is taken from the kidneys into the ureters, tubular pathways that connect to the bladder.  From the bladder, the bad, also called waste, waits in this “holding tank” until there is enough for you to excrete through urination.  Finally, the passage way from the bladder to the external world – the toilet – is the urethra.

During Reiki, I focus on the Urinary System when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  lower back or lower abdominals,

<>  pelvis,

<>  dehydration,

<>  headaches (a symptom of dehydration),

<>  poor nutrition level,

<>  jaundice,

<>  UTI’s, bladder infections,

<>  kidney stones,

<>  fatigue, or

<>  abnormal bowel movements.

While I treat the Urinary System, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body.  For example, if I am treating the kidneys, I can place my hand above and below of the right kidney, then of course on the left to balance the energy received by the kidneys.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!


…I treat vocal singers

Last month I had the opportunity to treat the lead singer of a metal/ rock band.  Prior to receiving Reiki, the singer mentioned that nerves were setting in for the music gig later that night.
When someone reveals to me that they are nervous, I know that I must work on their solar plexus, or control chakra.  By balancing the energy at the solar plexus, I aide in changing the anxious and busy energy to more calm and grounded energy.  For this treatment, I placed my hands on the solar plexus, which is the upper abdominal area.  I kept my hands there for several minutes.  When I felt the pull of energy through my hands dissipate and the need to stay at the solar plexus decrease.

Since this person was a vocalist in a metal/ rock band, I also knew that I needed to bring energy to the organs that physically work during voice production.  This meant I needed to divide the treatment time between the vocal box, or larynx, all lung lobes, and diaphragm.  By choosing these organs, I was sure to help the singer use the muscles properly, so the air would move through their lungs and wind pipe.

I am glad to understand the physiology of voice production so that I was able to help this singer.  Learn about daily activities and the mechanics of our anatomy that produce those daily activities.  It will help when you begin treating yourself and others.


…I calm the strain of communication

The throat chakra, or fifth chakra, was the focus of one of my most recent Reiki treatments.  Although, when I began treating the receiver, I did not know that specific location was in need of balancing.  The location that I was focusing on was the heart.  However, after a few minutes of focusing my attention on the heart, I was ready to move my hands to a different position.  My intuition told me to keep my hands in the same position, but move my hands up a few inches higher, closer to the throat and neck.  As I moved my hands, I could feel a stronger pull of energy through my hands; and my body felt more frozen like I needed to stay in one place…right there on the throat.

At the end of the treatment, the receiver validated my intuition and hand placement.  The receiver said that when my hands were moving from the heart to the throat, in their mind they were thinking, “yep, that’s where it’s at.”  Further, the receiver mentioned earlier that day they met with a friend and had a deep and intense conversation.  Since communication, beliefs, and values are main foundations of the throat chakra, the receiver’s throat chakra needed to be calmed and balanced.  As a Reiki Master, I calm the strain of communication.


…my intentions are set for treatment

This week, I’ve volunteered my time to giving Reiki to a new receiver.  This week was the second time I have treated the person, and have a few more sessions scheduled for the future.  This week’s treatment was arranged about two weeks ago; and I have prepared and studied different hand positions for the receiver’s dis”eases”.  By preparing for this appointment, I’ve set an intent for the treatment.  By setting an intent or intention for the treatment, I am focusing the Reiki energy to be beneficial for the receiver.  And as I was driving to the appointment, I could already feel my hands and palms were hot.  Because of the intent, my body was already channeling the Reiki energy even before I was placing my hands on the receiver.  Remember to set your intentions and focus your Reiki energy to get the most out of a treatment.


This is a great reference book for common ailments and the hand positions used for those ailments.

…I shall remember anatomy

Recently, I grappled with my knowledge of anatomy and physiology.  I had the opportunity to treat someone who has gallstones.  It took me a minute to bring the knowledge to the forefront of my brain because I haven’t treated anyone with this ailment before.

Gallbladder located in the right upper quadrant

As a Reiki Master and Biology graduate, I believe it is very important to know the physical locations of organs within the human body.  Further, I believe I must know the main function, surrounding organs, and related organs.  For this particular treatment, I knew a gallstone was a collection of cholesterol, bile, and calcium located in your gall bladder.  Further, the liver and gall bladder are directly connected to each other within the digestive system.  Knowing this, I was able to place my hands in the upper right quadrant of the receiver’s body for a longer portion of time during the treatment.  By giving Reiki energy to this area, the gall bladder will become balanced, and hopefully break up the stones so that it can be excreted from the body.

Be sure to read up on your anatomy and physiology so that you can focus your Reiki energy on particular organs connected to the receiver’s disease


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