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…uncovering the love.

Uncover the Love

I’m a mom with a newborn again.  With that role comes adjusting my schedule and getting used to; lukewarm dinners, shorter convos with my husband, watching movies during several day increments, and my least favorite, sipping my once-hot-coffee turned cold.

But as a Reiki Master, there’s one thing I have maintained…taking time for myself, for selfcare via self-Reiki.  There’s no question about how much I love my husband and our newest baby; but, some days I become agitated more easily than others.  And that’s when I know I need Reiki.

Today was just this.  So my husband offered to watch baby while I gave myself a Reiki session.  During that time, I focused on several areas of my body.  First, I utilized a few Reiki symbols and mantras to ground and center myself.  Then I felt energy was needed in my heart, spleen, lungs, and throat.  After 45 minutes of Reiki, I was feeling wonderful, but there still lingered some stagnant energy.  I couldn’t shake it.  So with my palms faced up, I visualized myself opening up as a channel to receive more Reiki.  Like from a beam of powerful energy, I felt paralyzed and didn’t want to move.  I wanted to remain still so that I could absorb all that was given.  Then with a sudden shift of energy, I felt cleansed and that my Reiki session was complete.  I slowly opened my eyes to take in the world around me.  I was peaceful and content.  As my eyes focused, I saw my husband with baby coming towards me.  It was perfect timing; the end of my session arrived exactly at the moment she no longer had the patience to be without me.

And for the rest of the day when she was cranky, I was more at peace. The Reiki session lifted away stress from the day and uncovered the love I knew was there.  I found my patience.  I found my compassion.  I found my love even in the midst of baby’s fussy tiredness.

Use Reiki to lift away stress and find the peace and love that exists within you.


…supporting other practitioners

I recently had the opportunity to provide feedback to a couple of Level 1 Reiki practitioners.  We serendipitously met; and while talking, I found out they were fellow practitioners.  Although they were attuned several months ago, they weren’t confident in their skills.  We sat down and discussed many questions.  In the end, I provided a few exercises to improve Reiki confidence and skills.  Today, I want to share these ideas with you.
1.  Keep practicing, no matter how short the time frame.  Whether 5 minutes or 60 minutes, Reiki will be there.
2.  Remember, Reiki is flowing to where it is needed.  It is all about setting your intentions for Reiki.  Don’t worry when you find your head focusing on errands, and not the treatment.  Just catch yourself thinking about the errands, tell yourself “if it is important enough, it will come to me after the treatment,” and then revert your focus back to the treatment at hand.
 3.  If you have pets, practice on them.  **But only if they agree to it.  (If you are uncertain they have agreed, start giving it to them and they will either walk away or remain close by you).  Treating them will provide you with feedback.  The sensations you feel during a self-treatment may be different from the sensations you feel when giving it to your dog.  It is good for you to have these different sensations.
4.   When giving a self-treatment or treatment on others, place your hands in one position and evaluate any sensations you feel.  After a few minutes, move your hands to another position and evaluate any sensations you feel.  Lastly, move back to the previous position to compare sensations again.  By doing so, you should be able to feel Reiki flowing at either a stronger or weaker intensity at different positions/chakras.
I hope you choose one of these exercises in your practice.

…I learn from my experiences

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend for an afternoon walk.  And about one hour prior to our walk, I ate something that didn’t settle well in my stomach.  Consequently, I felt uncomfortable and sporadic pains in my lower abdomen.  However, the pains were not enough to keep me from our visit; and, it would be a good way to digest the food that caused the pain.  Moreover, it was a chance to get exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and good conversation.

While we walked, I gave myself Reiki by placing my hands on my lower abdomen.  My friend noticed and offered to give me some energy work.  Gladly I accepted; and we found a bench alongside the trail.  Although my abdomen was the location of my pain, she stood behind me and did not place her hands on my body at all.  Her intention to decrease my pain was enough to channel the energy where it was needed.  During the short 15 minute treatment, my stabbing pains subsided and my abdomen was only slightly tender.

From this experience, I learned two things as a Reiki Master.  First, remember that intention is powerful.  Thinking about where you want to focus your energy (whether it be Reiki energy or your daily energy) will guide you towards change.  Second, even though I can treat myself with Reiki, sometimes it is nice to let another heal and care for me.

~Namaste,   Christine

…I am eager to do Reiki in the sun

Happy Friday!  The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and I awoke early this morning.  Today, the meteorologist predicted it to be clear and warm.  When the weather forecast predicts days like that, I eagerly plan my day to involve one hour of Reiki self-treatment.

As you readers know, I am a Vata physical dosha, which means that I am usually cold.  Being able to soak in the sun provides me with warmth to balance my dosha.  Further, I connect to and ground myself with the Earth while laying in the green grass.  This is such an invigorating and balancing experience for me.  I urge you to try it.


…I calm the busy mind

When you are giving Reiki to another person, you want to observe any physical responses the receiver may have during your treatment.  Some physical responses may be; shallow or deep breathing (breath movements are in the chest or the stomach), short or long breaths, crying, or excessive blinking with closed lids, to name a few.

Excessive blinking is usually a movement I recognize when the receiver is having a difficult time relaxing.  The mind is still racing and thinking about the “To Do” list.  I have witnessed that it takes an average of 10 minutes until a receiver has begun to relax and the eye movements slow.

There are a few hand positions that induce a slower mind.  They are located on the head region, and also the first four Reiki hand positions.  While I use these positions, I also observe the breathing patterns and eye lid movements.  After using the above mentioned hand positions, I can see a change in the movement of the eyelids.  They adapt to the relaxed condition and I see the eyelids “blink” less.  The breathing also slows and is more smooth.

Be sure to try these positions on your self to learn how long it takes your mind to slow.


…I know liver dis”eases”

Today’s post is about the liver.  The liver is the largest organ inside your body and belongs to the Digestive System.  It is located in the upper right quadrant, just below the right breast spanning down towards the rib cage.

Many find the Digestive System easy to understand because we interact with it so often.  The Digestive System’s main function is to breakdown the food and liquid we ingest, so the body can absorb its nutrients.  Specifically, the liver regulates the level of sugar within the blood, converts fats to a usable form in the body, and traps and breaks down toxins into non-poisonous substances.

The Liver and Location

During Reiki, I focus on the liver when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  fatigue,

<>  loss of appetite,

<>  poor digestion,

<>  abdominal pain,

<>  extremely uncommon discolored waste,

<>  alcohol or drug dependence,

<>  obesity,

<>  upper right quadrant pain, or

<>  dietary changes.

Coupled with the liver, I also work on the kidneys, pancreas, and stomach.  The reason being is they are organs directly related to the digesting our food and filtering the bloodstream.

While I treat the liver, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body to reach the right kidney.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!


…I study the body’s filtration system

I want to begin a series of posts about the human body’s organ systems.  This week, I will be introducing the Urinary System.  I will begin by discussing the basic function of the system and the organs that are found in the system.  then I will explain how I utilize this knowledge when giving Reiki.

The Urinary System’s main function is to filter the body’s blood from nutritional and waste products.  So, the foods, beverages, water, or whatever you inhale taken in to your body, is processed and added to the bloodstream.  Eventually the nutrients in the blood end up at the kidneys.  If your body does not use the nutrients that you have ingested to build up the cells in your body or for storage, it is considered waste.

The Urinary System (Female) from the

The main organs in the Urinary System are the kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra.  Each organ has a specific function to reach the overall goal of filtering your body system.  Blood circulates through your body carrying nutrients and waste.  When the blood reaches your kidneys, the blood is filtered.  This means that whichever material is in your blood; glucose, water, sodium, potassium, etcetera, is separated into good (nutritional) and bad (non-nutritional).  All the bad is taken from the kidneys into the ureters, tubular pathways that connect to the bladder.  From the bladder, the bad, also called waste, waits in this “holding tank” until there is enough for you to excrete through urination.  Finally, the passage way from the bladder to the external world – the toilet – is the urethra.

During Reiki, I focus on the Urinary System when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  lower back or lower abdominals,

<>  pelvis,

<>  dehydration,

<>  headaches (a symptom of dehydration),

<>  poor nutrition level,

<>  jaundice,

<>  UTI’s, bladder infections,

<>  kidney stones,

<>  fatigue, or

<>  abnormal bowel movements.

While I treat the Urinary System, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body.  For example, if I am treating the kidneys, I can place my hand above and below of the right kidney, then of course on the left to balance the energy received by the kidneys.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!


…I am amazed at the power of Reiki

This previous weekend, my Reiki group opened the doors and offered free Reiki to the public.  Usually, a good treatment is about 20 minutes long with four practitioners surrounding a receiver.  During times of slow influx of people, practitioners have a chance to receive Reiki from fellow practitioners.  I was fortunate to have a chance to lay on the massage table and receive.

My treatment was bittersweet, however.  Bitter because a surge of public guests entered through the doors while I was receiving.  And, it is etiquette that practitioners who are receiving Reiki finish their treatment quickly so that others’  waiting to receive can have a turn.  But my treatment was also sweet.  Sweet because even though my treatment was 10 minutes long, I felt the most relaxed and grounded I have felt in a long time and was amazed at how connected and satisfied I felt with my life.

The power of Reiki de-stresses a person faster than you would ever expect.  It’s great to be treated and a practitioner.


…I alleviate bruising

Last weekend, I had the unfortunate accident in which my leg got caught between my car door and the body of the car.  Worst of all, the door had momentum as it closed because my car was on a hill.  Needless to say, my calf bruised to approximately 3 inches by 2.5 inches diameter.  But, the bruising was not as discolored as I would have imagined it to be because of the injury to my leg.  I attribute this to Reiki.

As a Reiki Master, when I get injured I make sure that I give that injured area Reiki to aid in the body’s healing process.  After my leg was slammed by the door, I made sure that I gave myself Reiki.  On the next day, my leg did ache when I walked.  This is a sure sign that Reiki is not magic, but…I do not want to imagine what it would have looked like or felt like when I walked if I wasn’t able to give myself additional healing.

After one week, my skin is slightly discolored and the area is still a bit sensitive.  I will have Reiki given to this area tomorrow and I’ll tell you how quickly my leg changes back to normal.


…I master anatomy and physiology

I highly recommend learning about anatomy and physiology.  Learning about receiver’s problem areas and symptoms will help you provide a better treatment to the receiver in hopes of a faster recovery.

Before I begin Reiki treatments, I ask if there are specific areas that physically ache or are giving the receiver pain.  When they tell you physical areas or organs, such as lower back, deciding your locations is easy.  However, the receiver may tell you symptoms or an event that they are struggling with such as; troubles sleeping or trying to quit drinking.

Urinary System Organs

Taking the above examples, if a receiver mentioned troubles sleeping, I would work on their head region because the pineal gland and hypothalamus located in the brain are major organs connected with sleep.  Those would be two locations where my time would be dedicated to.  The locations for quitting drinking; I would dedicate my time to treat the liver, kidneys, and other organs of the urinary system because they are the main organs connected with water balance and clearing toxins from your body.

Please research more about the human body and common diseases that affect normal health.  It will benefit yourself and those that you treat.


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