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…with a holiday wish.

Christmas miracle

Maybe I’ve been watching too many Hallmark Christmas movies.  You know the ones, someone doesn’t believe in the magic of Christmas because a multitude of reasons.  Maybe they lost their childhood innocence, maybe they had many Christmases spoiled, maybe they don’t feel like they deserve it, or maybe they think the magic Christmas provides isn’t capable of giving them what they dream.  The latter is me, thinking that the miracle of Christmas isn’t strong enough to make my dream come true…I feel it’s out of reach.

But in those movies, nothing is out of reach.  There are friends, family members, strangers, angels, guides, and spirits helping someone believe.  At the end of the movie, the miracle comes true- nothing is too large.

So what would my holiday wish be…if I made one?  I thought about it.  And usually my wishes are selfless, right down to my birthday wishes.  I use my birthday wishes, my entire day actually, offering Reiki to others.  That is my gift to me, I would give a Reiki session for free to someone on my birthday.  That is how much I love Reiki; and I receive so much from it by giving a session to others.  But a Christmas wish…the possibility of a miracle, if it were truly possible, I would have to be selfish.  And selfish is a struggle deep down to my core because I am unsure it would even work; so, I’d rather wish for something else.

But my holiday wish, my miracle would be to spend one whole day with my baby again.  No, not the one I hold in my arms on a daily basis.  (Although, I embrace her daily knowing that moment could be the last.)  No, my first one; the one that was lost to me many years ago.  The one I never get to hold, to see, to feel, to love, to grow.  That one.  My Little One, my Lolo.  I wish I could talk, I wish I could feel, I wish I could hold for matters more, over and over, my cup never runneth over.

That would be my wish for a Christmas holiday miracle.  Merry Christmas.


XOXO – dedicated to all those mothers and fathers out there this Christmas season wishing for a miracle, too.  I sure hope some sort of miracle comes to you.


…with a new Christmas perspective.

I was taught that God is a glorious, righteous being.  And I grew up believing that God doesn’t experience the same emotions that we humans do; like anger, fear, sadness, or jealously.  Now whether this is accurate or not, I am not sure; but it was with this belief that made me not understand why people would say to me, “God is gracious,” when they found out my son was stillborn.  I thought, he doesn’t empathize with my sadness, my broken heart, or my pain. How could this action be an act of grace?!!

But then I recently read a post that started to break down my ignorant and childhood belief, yet revealed more clarity and truth in my understanding of God.  This post was from another mother of a stillborn.  She wrote that God knows the same sadness as she does, because he unselfishly chose his Son to be born on Earth to heal and save us.

And in reading those words, John 3:16 had a new meaning to me.  I realized that God didn’t get to raise his Son, Jesus, like other parents did.  He sacrificed this closeness because he knew his Son was going to do great, unsurmountable things on Earth.  He loved Jesus from a distance; and Jesus knew his father loved him, even if they were apart.  With this sacrifice, God must have ached and felt emotions just like I do.

And that is my new Christmas perspective this year.  Christmas is now a day that I connect my husband and my sacrifice.  We believe our son, Lolo, is doing amazing and wonderful things wherever his spirit soars.  Despite that we are not all physically here on Earth, I know Lolo loves us, and that he knows his daddy and mama love him.

As you spend this Christmas however you do, please remember that Christmas is the day we celebrate Baby Jesus’ birth.  We celebrate the sacrifice God made so that we can be saved, forgiven, and healed here on Earth.  Although it may be difficult to believe this, if you look at the details, you may find little revelations in your life, too.

Merry Christmas,


…on Christmas

This morning I decided to create my first post on this blogsite.  I created this site a few weeks ago, but haven’t started between work, my other job, Scrapbook Stories, and planning Christmas.

So, my first post is similar to a post I sent to my friends and family on Christmas Eve;

Can you think of 5 things you were blessed with….today? Do this everyday and you’ll realize the little things that make your day better. My five? Hmmmmm; 1) filling my house with family, 2) the ability to provide a meal for them, 2) down time with my husband, 3) talking with my mom and dad because we won’t be seeing them on Christmas, 4) time with great friends Beau and Oly, and 5) a great husband who took care of the cooking while I anxiously finished a scrapbook gift. Oh wait, that’s six…nice!!!

The concept of counting at least 5 blessings you had per day is something that I learned several years ago from a massage/Reiki practioner at Bellingham Body Works in Bellingham, Washington.  What I learned and frequently practice is, before you go to sleep every night, write down or think about 5 blessings that occurred during your day…even the little things.  For example, a great conversation you had with a co-worker that you hadn’t had before, or a great brew of coffee that was perfectly strong and sweet, or the satisfaction of knowing you took time for yourself to think about those 5 things.

Give it a try and see how more productive and happy you are about your life.  Your life is better than you thought it was…it always was- you just weren’t recognizing it.  Thank you for taking time to read my post.

Love and Positive Energy on this Christmas Day,


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