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…4 years out.

4 years ago my life changed; from good to bad to worse to okay. For those of you who have been following my blog, thank you. It has evolved from Reiki guidance to unraveling my deepest sadness while using Reiki as a tool to help me process and grieve the loss of my first born, my son, Lolo. The sadness that comes with losing a baby, the word doesn’t begin to describe it. No one knows how you feel, not even another loss parent because each journey is its own. Yes, there are similarities, but there are differences. And now I’m 4 years from the moment I laid my eyes on him. From the moment I held him, felt him move inside me, saw his warm face. But marking this calendar moment at 4 years does not mean anything. I still can recall the exact events in full detail, just like it was yesterday. The pain is not as heart-wrenching for long periods of time; it just comes and goes now. But that’s because we’ve added two more little sisters to our family; we made Lolo a big brother. And we’re learning to intertwine our lives with the loss of Lolo, because he is around spiritually, guiding us, playing with us, loving us from abound. We’re teaching our girls that although we can’t see him, he is there.

And that is what Reiki has also taught me. That even though we can’t see the energy, the love is there waiting for us when we are ready.

~Lolo’s mom

…I still experience amazing results

Once a month, my Reiki group meets to give each other Reiki.  This past week, my treatment was amazing.  Not just because of the sheer relaxing experience, but also because of the connections I made with two new practitioners.

It all started with my intention.  I asked the group to help focus energy at the base of my skull and neck.  I then had a second intention, clarity.  But as I said the word clarity, internally I was thinking, “maybe I should say exactly why I need clarity.  Clarity could mean so many things; clarity for my vision, clarity within my relationships, clarity for my digestion, among other things.”  I decided to remain obscure because it would have taken too long to describe the root of my intention.  So I left my second intention at just “clarity”.

Other than the amazing experience I had, two practitioners I met 45 minutes prior told me they sensed a few things while they were treating me.  First, one practitioner needed to tell me it is now safe to do what I want, I am free.  The Archangel Haniel is beside me and ready to guide me in manifesting my wishes.  Then, the second practitioner shared that I should follow my passions.  Don’t try to understand, just go with how I feel.

These are messages that I have heard over and over again, but tonight I really listened.  How did these strangers hit the nail on the head so clearly for me?  How did they know my innermost questions, especially when my intention of “clarity” was so broad and obscure?

The connections made between a Reiki practitioner and receiver are powerful.  Something connects at a deeper and higher level.  My experience is another testimony that Reiki is not a hocus pocus or woo woo belief.  There is something phenomenal happening here, there is something more…..


Also, do any readers out there have information about Haniel?  I would love to read and hear stories about your faith and her guidance in your life.

…I learn from my experiences

A few weeks ago, I met with a friend for an afternoon walk.  And about one hour prior to our walk, I ate something that didn’t settle well in my stomach.  Consequently, I felt uncomfortable and sporadic pains in my lower abdomen.  However, the pains were not enough to keep me from our visit; and, it would be a good way to digest the food that caused the pain.  Moreover, it was a chance to get exercise, fresh air, sunshine, and good conversation.

While we walked, I gave myself Reiki by placing my hands on my lower abdomen.  My friend noticed and offered to give me some energy work.  Gladly I accepted; and we found a bench alongside the trail.  Although my abdomen was the location of my pain, she stood behind me and did not place her hands on my body at all.  Her intention to decrease my pain was enough to channel the energy where it was needed.  During the short 15 minute treatment, my stabbing pains subsided and my abdomen was only slightly tender.

From this experience, I learned two things as a Reiki Master.  First, remember that intention is powerful.  Thinking about where you want to focus your energy (whether it be Reiki energy or your daily energy) will guide you towards change.  Second, even though I can treat myself with Reiki, sometimes it is nice to let another heal and care for me.

~Namaste,   Christine

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