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…4 years out.

4 years ago my life changed; from good to bad to worse to okay. For those of you who have been following my blog, thank you. It has evolved from Reiki guidance to unraveling my deepest sadness while using Reiki as a tool to help me process and grieve the loss of my first born, my son, Lolo. The sadness that comes with losing a baby, the word doesn’t begin to describe it. No one knows how you feel, not even another loss parent because each journey is its own. Yes, there are similarities, but there are differences. And now I’m 4 years from the moment I laid my eyes on him. From the moment I held him, felt him move inside me, saw his warm face. But marking this calendar moment at 4 years does not mean anything. I still can recall the exact events in full detail, just like it was yesterday. The pain is not as heart-wrenching for long periods of time; it just comes and goes now. But that’s because we’ve added two more little sisters to our family; we made Lolo a big brother. And we’re learning to intertwine our lives with the loss of Lolo, because he is around spiritually, guiding us, playing with us, loving us from abound. We’re teaching our girls that although we can’t see him, he is there.

And that is what Reiki has also taught me. That even though we can’t see the energy, the love is there waiting for us when we are ready.

~Lolo’s mom


…I don’t always buzz

There’s a term that I have come to know as a Reiki practitioner- the word “buzz”.  When you receive Reiki, there is a feeling of “buzzing” caused by your sensitivity to the vibrational energy that comes with clearing your auras.  It is an amazing feeling that brings me happiness and gratefulness to the world.  Usually you feel this when you receive a Reiki treatment, or when you are attuned to any level of Reiki.  Today, when I gave myself Reiki, I didn’t feel this vibrational energy until maybe, just maybe, the end of my treatment.

When you give yourself Reiki and do not get the same feeling you felt when you were first given Reiki, do not worry.  You know that Reiki is there, and it is always working with you; whether you physically feel it or not.

The reason you are not feeling as you did when you first received a treatment is because at the first time of Reiki healing, there was a lot of energy blockages Reiki was working with.  Now, after however long it has been, Reiki has an easier channel to travel through.  And your auras are more clear than they were the first time.

Again, Do not Worry.       ~Christine

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