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…with the gift of grace.

Postpartum and depressed feelings; call it what you will.  I was sad, depressed, and gave myself the grace to embrace these characteristics because I wasn’t tending to my son like I imagined I was going to be.  I gave myself grace to sleep, cry, and remain in the same clothes for days.  Grace for days instilled in my heart.

GiveyourselfgraceNo longer was I to dream about it; die from it, escape from it, near to it.

Grace.  For the love of it, for the love of myself.  Let my soul sleep, remain in peace in the quiet in the stillness until I am ready to come out again.  And now, here I am.  Grace, a moment of grace, a moment of time to give yourself.  Grace, a moment of time to give yourself grief, a break.


Dedicated to my son, my soul, and my fellow mamas and daddys who need more grace.

~Christine Markowski, Usui/Holy Fire II Karuna ® Reiki Master


…supporting other practitioners

I recently had the opportunity to provide feedback to a couple of Level 1 Reiki practitioners.  We serendipitously met; and while talking, I found out they were fellow practitioners.  Although they were attuned several months ago, they weren’t confident in their skills.  We sat down and discussed many questions.  In the end, I provided a few exercises to improve Reiki confidence and skills.  Today, I want to share these ideas with you.
1.  Keep practicing, no matter how short the time frame.  Whether 5 minutes or 60 minutes, Reiki will be there.
2.  Remember, Reiki is flowing to where it is needed.  It is all about setting your intentions for Reiki.  Don’t worry when you find your head focusing on errands, and not the treatment.  Just catch yourself thinking about the errands, tell yourself “if it is important enough, it will come to me after the treatment,” and then revert your focus back to the treatment at hand.
 3.  If you have pets, practice on them.  **But only if they agree to it.  (If you are uncertain they have agreed, start giving it to them and they will either walk away or remain close by you).  Treating them will provide you with feedback.  The sensations you feel during a self-treatment may be different from the sensations you feel when giving it to your dog.  It is good for you to have these different sensations.
4.   When giving a self-treatment or treatment on others, place your hands in one position and evaluate any sensations you feel.  After a few minutes, move your hands to another position and evaluate any sensations you feel.  Lastly, move back to the previous position to compare sensations again.  By doing so, you should be able to feel Reiki flowing at either a stronger or weaker intensity at different positions/chakras.
I hope you choose one of these exercises in your practice.

…I am meant to share this


We're Moving

I recently moved from a place I called home for 12 years.  The move forced me to learn about myself; how I manage, what I don’t need, and what I love.  I am a member of Reiki group that gets together twice a month to practice.  It was one way I was able to give others Reiki; and with this group as an integral part of my life, I knew I needed to find a similar group when I moved.

After two months away and not finding a new group, I was in need of going back.  I decided to return for one of our regular public Reiki offerings.  Although I still give myself weekly treatments, Reiki feels different when someone else is cleansing your soul, caring for you, and ridding you of toxins.

But what is more are the feelings I have when I treat others.  After being away, my mind was afraid that I was out of practice and my senses would be muddy.  But my faith knew there was no reason to question my ability–and it was right.  From the moment I set my intention to treat my first recipient, vibrant energy surged through my entire body.  My thinking was clear and my ears were ringing.  An overwhelming thought came to my mind…why on Earth would I want to wander away from this?  I am great at it, yet it makes me humble; it rings true to my soul; and, it is powerfully peaceful.

To top it off, I feel so honored and blessed when the receiver looks to me and says with astonishment, “Thank you, that felt amazing!”  To me, I value making others feel comfortable and at ease.  So, when I hear this my heart pours over with love because I know I helped the stress of their world diminish.

I am meant to share Reiki, whether it be paid or voluntary.  Although everyone has the ability to learn it, not all do.  If others just want to receive, then let me be the one to share it.  Although not all may feel as strongly as I do, that is okay.  This is one of my passions; and this is why I maintain this blog–to teach and to share.  I am here if you want to experience it.



…I’ll share love speaking THEIR love language

Reiki is all about compassion and love; and as a Reiki Master, I am fulfilled when I am asked to spend time healing others.  My heart fills with love and appreciation; because Quality Time is one of my love languages.

Love languages, you ask, “what is that?”  It is the language spoken when we show others how much we love and appreciate them.  Unfortunately, many of us think we are speaking clearly; but little do we know, the other cannot hear us because they speak a different love language than we do.  And if we don’t know the language they speak, they may not get the message about how we feel.

Recently, I read Gary Chapman’s book, “The 5 Love Languages.”  This book opened up my eyes and heart to how I spoke to the ones I loved; and to the lack of love I thought I had received.  I realized one reason I love giving Reiki is because my primary love language is Quality Time.  When I spend time with others, via talking over coffee, others planning a thoughtful night out, or a conversation over appetizers and drinks, I feel our relationship is strong.  However, they may not feel the same love I do when we sit for coffee.

So, I also learned that for them to feel loved I needed to speak in their love language.  For example, I have a friend who feels loved when gifts are received.  Although, I don’t like to show my love through giving gifts, I know that I need to give a gift for this person to feel loved.  Moreover, I also realized that just because others I loved didn’t want to spend time talking over a cup of coffee didn’t mean they loved me less.  I learned that each individual showed their love in a different way; such as giving me presents just because, washing my car after weeks of neglecting, or showing me their latest project.  And they may not know I speak in Quality Time language, so the car washing is their way of saying they love me.

Before this Valentine’s Day, I recommend you take the quiz on Gary Chapman’s site.  Find out your love language and read the summary.  Also read true stories and testimonies at  Then take some time to think about who you will be spending this Valentine’s Day with (or even birthdays and Christmases.)  Do these people speak the same language as you or different?  How will you show this person your appreciation for them?  I hope it will be in the language that they speak, so your love is heard.

Happy Valentine’s Day!  ~Christine

…I relieved a breast cancer survivor

I once had the opportunity to treat a breast cancer survivor preparing to return to the doctor’s office for another battle.  But before she went in for another treatment, she wanted Reiki.  Nowadays, it is common to hear that chemotherapy and radiation patients couple those treatments with Reiki.  Recent studies show that the nausea and pain experienced after chemo/radiation treatments decrease.  What is more is that patients say they feel more calm and accepting about the fact that they are undergoing cancer treatments.

If you have the opportunity to provide Reiki to a cancer fighter, there are a few questions to ask.  First, if you think the individual may have a medical device on their body, please ask.  Since Reiki energy is very concentrated and intense, placing your hands directly over the device could overpower it.  And if the individual answers yes, learn the device’s location and modify your hand positions to evade the area.

Secondly, be sure to study human anatomy.  Our bodies may have separate organs, but these organs also build connected systems. Practitioners may choose to focus only on the cancer-affected area.  Some practitioners, such as myself, choose to work on individual organ, as well as supporting organs.  Either choice is reasonable because Reiki travels to where the body needs healing.  So even if your hands are in one location, the energy may move to the organ suffering the most.

  • During this treatment, the individual wore an external device and had the freedom to remove it from the body.  I treated this woman alongside three other practitioners, and I focused on her head.
  • I first decided to help slow down her busy and worried mind.  I placed my hands in Position 1, and then envisioned the energy sent through my hands slowed down the electric impulses traveling through her neural pathways.
  • After a few minutes, I then placed my hands above her chest area to treat the breast cancer itself.
  • After a few minutes above the mammary glands, I began to think about the various organs in the immune system.  I chose to treat the thymus because one function is to mature the T-cells.  The T-cells, a type of white blood cell, fight against infections.  I moved my hands over the location of the thymus, posterior to the sternum bone.  I stayed there for several minutes and focused on sending powerful, strong, fighting energy.
  • Lastly, I remembered that the woman mentioned suffering from insomnia, or lack of sleep.  Since I knew the pituitary and hypothalamus glands regulate sleep patterns, I wanted to give Reiki to those glands.  They are centrally located within the brain, so I positioned my hands above her forehead.

She was very grateful after her treatment.  I am blessed to have given her a moment of peace and relaxation.


…I still experience amazing results

Once a month, my Reiki group meets to give each other Reiki.  This past week, my treatment was amazing.  Not just because of the sheer relaxing experience, but also because of the connections I made with two new practitioners.

It all started with my intention.  I asked the group to help focus energy at the base of my skull and neck.  I then had a second intention, clarity.  But as I said the word clarity, internally I was thinking, “maybe I should say exactly why I need clarity.  Clarity could mean so many things; clarity for my vision, clarity within my relationships, clarity for my digestion, among other things.”  I decided to remain obscure because it would have taken too long to describe the root of my intention.  So I left my second intention at just “clarity”.

Other than the amazing experience I had, two practitioners I met 45 minutes prior told me they sensed a few things while they were treating me.  First, one practitioner needed to tell me it is now safe to do what I want, I am free.  The Archangel Haniel is beside me and ready to guide me in manifesting my wishes.  Then, the second practitioner shared that I should follow my passions.  Don’t try to understand, just go with how I feel.

These are messages that I have heard over and over again, but tonight I really listened.  How did these strangers hit the nail on the head so clearly for me?  How did they know my innermost questions, especially when my intention of “clarity” was so broad and obscure?

The connections made between a Reiki practitioner and receiver are powerful.  Something connects at a deeper and higher level.  My experience is another testimony that Reiki is not a hocus pocus or woo woo belief.  There is something phenomenal happening here, there is something more…..


Also, do any readers out there have information about Haniel?  I would love to read and hear stories about your faith and her guidance in your life.

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