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…uncovering the love.

Uncover the Love

I’m a mom with a newborn again.  With that role comes adjusting my schedule and getting used to; lukewarm dinners, shorter convos with my husband, watching movies during several day increments, and my least favorite, sipping my once-hot-coffee turned cold.

But as a Reiki Master, there’s one thing I have maintained…taking time for myself, for selfcare via self-Reiki.  There’s no question about how much I love my husband and our newest baby; but, some days I become agitated more easily than others.  And that’s when I know I need Reiki.

Today was just this.  So my husband offered to watch baby while I gave myself a Reiki session.  During that time, I focused on several areas of my body.  First, I utilized a few Reiki symbols and mantras to ground and center myself.  Then I felt energy was needed in my heart, spleen, lungs, and throat.  After 45 minutes of Reiki, I was feeling wonderful, but there still lingered some stagnant energy.  I couldn’t shake it.  So with my palms faced up, I visualized myself opening up as a channel to receive more Reiki.  Like from a beam of powerful energy, I felt paralyzed and didn’t want to move.  I wanted to remain still so that I could absorb all that was given.  Then with a sudden shift of energy, I felt cleansed and that my Reiki session was complete.  I slowly opened my eyes to take in the world around me.  I was peaceful and content.  As my eyes focused, I saw my husband with baby coming towards me.  It was perfect timing; the end of my session arrived exactly at the moment she no longer had the patience to be without me.

And for the rest of the day when she was cranky, I was more at peace. The Reiki session lifted away stress from the day and uncovered the love I knew was there.  I found my patience.  I found my compassion.  I found my love even in the midst of baby’s fussy tiredness.

Use Reiki to lift away stress and find the peace and love that exists within you.



…I am meant to share this


We're Moving

I recently moved from a place I called home for 12 years.  The move forced me to learn about myself; how I manage, what I don’t need, and what I love.  I am a member of Reiki group that gets together twice a month to practice.  It was one way I was able to give others Reiki; and with this group as an integral part of my life, I knew I needed to find a similar group when I moved.

After two months away and not finding a new group, I was in need of going back.  I decided to return for one of our regular public Reiki offerings.  Although I still give myself weekly treatments, Reiki feels different when someone else is cleansing your soul, caring for you, and ridding you of toxins.

But what is more are the feelings I have when I treat others.  After being away, my mind was afraid that I was out of practice and my senses would be muddy.  But my faith knew there was no reason to question my ability–and it was right.  From the moment I set my intention to treat my first recipient, vibrant energy surged through my entire body.  My thinking was clear and my ears were ringing.  An overwhelming thought came to my mind…why on Earth would I want to wander away from this?  I am great at it, yet it makes me humble; it rings true to my soul; and, it is powerfully peaceful.

To top it off, I feel so honored and blessed when the receiver looks to me and says with astonishment, “Thank you, that felt amazing!”  To me, I value making others feel comfortable and at ease.  So, when I hear this my heart pours over with love because I know I helped the stress of their world diminish.

I am meant to share Reiki, whether it be paid or voluntary.  Although everyone has the ability to learn it, not all do.  If others just want to receive, then let me be the one to share it.  Although not all may feel as strongly as I do, that is okay.  This is one of my passions; and this is why I maintain this blog–to teach and to share.  I am here if you want to experience it.



I get asked, “what is Reiki?”

Reiki uses these points on the body to decrease blockages

The way to answer this question depends upon the person’s knowledge and/or openness to Eastern medicine.  And as an educator, my technique in answering this question begins at the learners’ level…common knowledge.

In the United States, it is common to see massage and acupuncture businesses offering treatments to soothe, calm, and promote good health.  Moreover, it is common enough that select insurance companies now carry coverage for these treatments.  This knowledge becomes the foundation of my teaching approach.  And as I begin describing Reiki from a simple and common answer, I observe the response from the learner.  Their response is key to knowing just how deep I should describe Reiki.

First, the simple answer is, “it is a technique that decreases stress in the body.”  I then ask the learner if they have heard about or have ever received a massage or acupuncture treatment.  And of course, I am 99% certain the listener has at least heard about them.

I explain that with massage, there are points in the body where tension builds up.  Massage practitioners find those points and manipulate the muscle tissues to relieve the tension.

With acupuncture, there are points on the body in which blockages build up that prevent flow within the body.  Acupuncturists introduce needles into those points to increase flow.

With the understanding of those two forms of healing, I then move into the description of Reiki.  With Reiki, the same idea follows that there are points in the body where blockages build up.  But unlike the manipulation of tissues or insertion of needles into those points, Reiki practitioners do not need to physically handle the body.  They just place their hands at these points, either on the surface of your body or slightly above, to remove those blockages.  And that is usually where I end my description.

If I do go on, I usually say that others find it difficult to understand how Reiki works because there may be no contact on the surface of the body and you cannot visually see anything coming from the practitioner’s hands.  But usually at this point, the learner now knows the answer to, “what is Reiki?”  And I hope you have, too.


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