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I want to begin a series of posts about the human body’s organ systems.  This week, I will be introducing the Urinary System.  I will begin by discussing the basic function of the system and the organs that are found in the system.  then I will explain how I utilize this knowledge when giving Reiki.

The Urinary System’s main function is to filter the body’s blood from nutritional and waste products.  So, the foods, beverages, water, or whatever you inhale taken in to your body, is processed and added to the bloodstream.  Eventually the nutrients in the blood end up at the kidneys.  If your body does not use the nutrients that you have ingested to build up the cells in your body or for storage, it is considered waste.

The Urinary System (Female) from the

The main organs in the Urinary System are the kidneys, bladder, ureter, and urethra.  Each organ has a specific function to reach the overall goal of filtering your body system.  Blood circulates through your body carrying nutrients and waste.  When the blood reaches your kidneys, the blood is filtered.  This means that whichever material is in your blood; glucose, water, sodium, potassium, etcetera, is separated into good (nutritional) and bad (non-nutritional).  All the bad is taken from the kidneys into the ureters, tubular pathways that connect to the bladder.  From the bladder, the bad, also called waste, waits in this “holding tank” until there is enough for you to excrete through urination.  Finally, the passage way from the bladder to the external world – the toilet – is the urethra.

During Reiki, I focus on the Urinary System when receiver’s express dis”eases” or pain in some of the following;

<>  lower back or lower abdominals,

<>  pelvis,

<>  dehydration,

<>  headaches (a symptom of dehydration),

<>  poor nutrition level,

<>  jaundice,

<>  UTI’s, bladder infections,

<>  kidney stones,

<>  fatigue, or

<>  abnormal bowel movements.

While I treat the Urinary System, I place both hands on the anterior (front) of the body above the organ location.  An alternative position would be to place one hand on the anterior (front) and the other on the posterior (back) of the body.  For example, if I am treating the kidneys, I can place my hand above and below of the right kidney, then of course on the left to balance the energy received by the kidneys.

I hope this basic education will help you when treating yourself, friends, family, or others.

Thanks for reading!



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