Sharing my personal experiences as a Reiki Master to support others

Recently I posted about a previous treatment where the receiver needed more energy on the left arm compared to the right arm.  (Read it here.)  Although anatomically they are mirror-images of each other, when you research about the body’s metaphysical energy, you learn a different perspective.

The left side of your body represents several aspects of your life(ves).  Commonly, you will read that the left side represents your feminine side.  More deeply, how you value and/ or interact with others.  Whether it may be comforting, nurturing, loving, or compassionate.  And remember, women and men have a feminine side.  Another perspective of the left side describes your inner journey, creativeness, imagination, or spirituality.  Further, it may represent your past, what you have experienced in this lifetime or in other lifetimes.

The right side of your body represents the masculine side for both women and men.   The masculine side has been said to describe how feel about and value yourself- your confidence.  And an additional perspective describes your future path.

As I treated this person and felt a stronger need for energy on the left side, I began analyzing what may be the reason for energy unbalance.

If I were to find an unbalance between the left and right sides while self-treating, I would think about all possible ideas listed above and listen to my heart for the answers.  Any answers that are a “maybe” or “yes”, I would journal and think about the ideas more deeply.

Remember, there are several variations of metaphysics; but when you research enough sources, you will find a strong pattern about the left and right sides of the body.  Begin learning about metaphysical body symptoms when unravelling the reasons to discomfort.



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